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Are You An Artist Too?

My name is Chloe Evers, and I am a mixed media artist, mostly working in metals. I was born and raised here on the beautiful Central Coast of California. Growing up in the art industry, from a very young age the looming question was, “Are you an artist too?” It took many years of resistance for me to embrace art as my own, but it was that winding pathway that caused the diversification of my creativity and skillsets. 

    After studying English Literature at UC Berkeley, I took some time for travel and introspection before moving forward with my life and career. Seeing art all over Europe brought a deep appreciation for my early exposure and informal education in fine art. What a unique gift to have a sculptor for a father, to be normalized from the start to a world of expression that is so hidden and mystifying to others. 

    That is how I came to work in the family business. For the past five years I learned metal fabrication and finishing from my dad’s business partner, Tim Anderson, and sculpture and design from my dad, Dale Evers. I picked up mosaic skills along the way, being guided by the advice of my uncle, Dan Evers, who owns his own art company that specializes in large-scale mosaics. My brother, Christian Evers, has also been an advisor of mine. He has an extensive background in mosaic and metal work, having been exposed to it through the family businesses as well. Somewhere in the fray, my dad got me connected with a talented jeweler named Stewart Goldman, who apprenticed me and became a dear friend and mentor. 

    Metal work is a male dominated industry. My ticket in was familial, but it was also accidental. When I was in college, on a visit home I took up some clay and sculpted with no design or preconception of what I was making. I was simply letting all my stress loose out of my fingertips. No control. No plan. I was behaving very unlike my high achieving self and it felt incredible. I thought that my creation was somewhere in a scrap pile, but my dad very much liked what I had made and sent it to the foundry to be cast. My first sculpture was an accident, and required the confidence of others because I didn’t have any of my own to stand on yet. 

    Fast forward to the present day, I am currently branching off on my own, turning my two-car garage into my own art studio. I am equipped to fabricate and cast jewelry, but that’s not all I’ll be making in my home studio. My most recent sculpture is still in its early stages, but it will be my very first three-dimensional stained glass mosaic. It will be set on a steel fabricated base, with a flower spinning off of it, blossoming where her head would be, there it will have a hummingbird eating off of it. The metal work will wrap around the mosaic but not touch it. Keep checking back in to learn more about my progress on this piece and others!

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